Awesome lesson Mike…


I give Scott 5 stars. Great skill & enthusiasm. Now, after these lessons are over, if I could just figure out how to bottle him when I’m practicing. I’m gonna miss those barking commands, “MOVE! Move!” Really. I don’t think you can push yourself as hard as a good instructor can push. You need to go right to the edge, and our own instincts are to hold back. But he pushes you there. Best way to learn this skill. So kudos to Scott & Down Zero.


Before this class (responsible use, CCW), I didn’t know if wanted a gun in the house.  Now I have a gun and a plan! Thanks DZT


Look Mom no restrictions! (Worcester MA)

Scott, Worcester

[Scott] an excellent teacher…very patient and thorough.


First let me just say that my training with Scott was great and I’ll probably look to get more with him in the future.


Hi Mike. Thanks again for the class and the range time. It was really cool…learned a lot also.


Thanks Mike!  And thank you too for making the class so interesting and fun.


Got my LTC on Saturday (unrestricted in Sudbury!).  Thanks for the advice on the interview – obviously it worked.


A tough assignment to keep the attention of many for 4.5 hours , however you presented volumes of information in a concise, knowledgeable and humorous way . We just hated to have it end.