Self-Defense classes

Basic and Advanced Self Defense

These courses will provide you with real world situations and drills. You will learn simple techniques that work to evade and escape as well as disable an attacker. Kyo Sa Mike Follo will walk you through real world encounters and give you the necessary tools and information you need to stay safe.

Corporate Self Defense Class

This course is tailored directly for today’s society. It teaches practical defense skills for everyday life. It also teaches survival skills that are critical for situations that are presented in our society on a daily basis. Kyo Sa Mike Follo will design this course to suit the needs of your employees. We will look at the unique situations employees at your company could encounter and design a program that will fit for you. This course is also designed to motivate employees simply by participating in the course. The following are some of the concepts taught in the class.

Awareness and Prevention
Escape and release techniques
Targets and Strikes
Improvised Weapons
Legal Implications
Relevant Tips, facts, and Statistics
Sexual Predator information
Guidelines for safe living skills

TP1 – Tactical Pen:

Length of class – 90 Minutes+.

Class Goal – To gain the knowledge and attitude necessary for unarmed self-defense with an introduction to Tactical Pen uses and limitations.  (Students will receive a quality tactical pen with the class.)

  • Method of carry and deployment
  • Strikes
  • Joint manipulation